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Course Creation time…

Gaining more time, more money and more customers

Course Creation time…

In the beginning…

When Angie PA was founded back in July 2016, I was fresh out of a corporate lifestyle and didn’t really know how working remotely, as a Virtual Assistant, with other business owners, was going to pan out. Although I can tell you, I was really excited to get started. I joined a number of social media groups dedicated to VAs and made a lot of virtual friends who run the same type of business as me.

After attending a number of networking sessions I formed a great bond with a group of really supportive business owners who were happy to guide me through the things that I wasn’t clear on. And I can assure you, I struggled with a few things I had zero knowledge of. We are not experts at everything, which is why delegation/outsourcing is key to your business if you want to progress. Along the way, I worked with a number of those connections and in turn, they recommend me to their networks as I do them to mine. That is the essence of networking, plus I would rather work with someone who was recommended to me – wouldn’t you?

There were many tasks I did initially, such as data entry, editing documents, proofreading, and online research. They removed the pain from those clients who didn’t have the speed and skills I have. A lot of my initial work was adhoc, but I was happy to be getting stuck in and helping others which is why I do what I do. Receiving positive feedback always makes my day. It takes a while to get established and to then work with clients on a regular, retained way. Like all relationships, you need to build on them.

A number of my clients I have been supporting for the last 2 to 3 years and it is great to just know what they need and how like work to be delivered. That is what it is all about, relationships and building trust. It’s no different to corporate life apart from the fact that you are supporting many businesses and they benefit from your zone of genius. It’s why I started my business!

Creating courses today

Now, I am building an online course which I hope to release at the end of July – I had better get a move on as it is 1st July today!! How diverse has this journey been? I have been learning and seeking new ways of working and I want to share that knowledge.

Over the last few months, I have been working on course creation with clients too. Getting task lists together, weekly meetings to ensure we are on track. Looking at online platforms to host courses. Researching software to edit the videos. Creating workbooks, video thumbnails, transcripts, and social media posts all brand specific. I’ve been compiling videos and stripping out the audio tracts for those that prefer to listen than watch. It’s fascinating and fun. I get to do this for myself and my business and for my clients.

I really love my work and love to support others. It can be a pain for you to have a lot of tasks on your desk and no time to do them because you understandably need to spend that precious time with your clients and building your business.

Whether you have a course to get out there, a document that needs to be edited and formatted, or an inbox that needs detoxing…..I’m your woman!

Book some time with me now to see how I can help make your life less stressed, allowing you more time for your clients and your family!

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  1. Janet says:

    Well done Angie. Would love a chat as have also been doing video editing and recording for one of my clients. Did you watch Jonathan’S Bizmosis course today – all about online courses.

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