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Remote Working – is it the new norm?

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Remote Working – is it the new norm?

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How are you and your team coping with working from home? Is everyone checking in and having catch-ups on Teams/Zoom/Google Hangouts? Is the work getting done and on time too? 

It sure is an odd time that we are living in right now. For many, working remotely is a real struggle as they love the interaction and face to face meetings. But does that way of working really benefit your company? Will you be going back to the office or would you consider keeping the working from home as a permanent fixture? 

Businesses such as Twitter and Square have informed their employees that they can continue to work from home ‘forever’. Forbes reported that there are worries employees may not be emotionally ready or they have concerns about catching COVID-19 if they were to return to the office. Many offices such as Shopify state they will keep their offices closed until 2021. Things are definitely changing in the way businesses work.

I made a choice three years ago to move from working as an EA in large Corporate companies to running my own Executive Assistance business remotely. I worked at board level for a number of years supporting Senior Leadership and Management teams. Working on many projects including change management, mergers, acquisition and divestitures. Handling confidential information securely, which I still do now as there are a number of safe and secure ways of working. Co-ordinating data being delivered by team members to specific deadlines is a challenge I enjoy. 

I am really lucky to support a number of businesses these days, and use my expertise to its full potential helping them with their individual requirements. I also have an up to date DBS check.

If you would like to know more about me and how I can help you, please do contact me at info@angiepa.com

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