We all know that the GDPR came into effect on Friday 25th May 2018. The fines are high and no-one wants to get caught out.  There are a number of people that say it doesn’t affect them, but if they are in business and hold a name and an email address (together this identifies a person), they are responsible for that data.

There are logical steps to take to ensure that you are respecting and keeping data related to your clients safe.  I can help you to get stated on the process.  First priority is to ensure you are registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office). Click this link and complete the Registration Self-Assessment to see if you do need to register – some businesses may not have to, but it is sensible to check to see if you do.

Next you need to consider what data you hold, how you store it and what you use it for. I can help you complete a Data Audit.  Looking at what software you use and see how it complies with the upcoming regulation. It is your responsibility to check that your third party companies are storing it safely.

Have you thought about your laptop/pc/computer/smartphone…are these encrypted? What about sensitive data being sent via email?

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