Hourly Rate

My hourly rate starts from just £30.  I track my time and can provide a report, if requested, with your invoice.  Ideal for clients not looking for a set number of monthly hours. There is an increased price for rapid turnaround.

Retainer Rates

Depending on your requirements, monthly retainer packages are available.

Perfect for those regular monthly tasks. Purchasing hours upfront enables you to budget and ensures my availability.

Procuring a Platinum level retainer will ensure a 24-hour turnaround on tasks, subject to availability.

Please note any remaining hours will not be rolled-over to the following month.  You will receive a weekly update on the hours you have used.

Per Project

At times it’s easier to set a fixed price for a task or project. Based on your requirements we can decide whether a project based option is more suitable for your needs.

Terms & Conditions

On receipt of agreement to work, I will provide you with the booking form and the terms & conditions.  Payment for services is strictly within 14 days with the exception of retainers which are to be paid prior to commencement of service.