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What Software do you love?

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What Software do you love?

I often get asked what software I use and why I use it. There are so many out there to choose from! When I worked ‘in the office’ back in my corporate days, I was restricted to use whatever system was purchased by the company, so yes, the usual Microsoft products and probably specifically designed Sales CRMs and HRIS systems. I loved working with them all and became a superuser which enabled me to teach others. I have a passion for helping others so you can imagine, I was in my element, and still am!

As a business owner and a remote-based Exec Assistant (VA), I now get to use a huge number of software packages from design to organisation to movie editing. I am constantly learning new skills and its blimming awesome!

Not only do I get to learn new things for the benefit of myself but also these skills can translate and help my clients immensely too!

There are lots of free software available to you and one of my absolute favourites is Canva! I can create great social media posts, workbooks for course, Video Books, eBooks, To-do lists – actually so many things, that I am not sure why I am trying to list them..doh! I started off by using the free version and it gives you so much that really, you don’t need to upgrade. I did go for the upgrade as it lets you save your brand kit and you get a lot more pics to choose from, but it isn’t essential.

I have also discovered remove.bg which you can remove a background from a photo and it’s actually pretty darn good, I mean, who is going to complain about a freebie right? I use this a lot for the posts I create in Canva with clients pics.

I use colour code picker to find out what colours are in an image so I can use that on designs for clients too. Honestly – there are so many things out there, that once you discover them, you wonder how on earth you managed to work before then.

Smallpdf is another favourite of mine as you can convert from pdf to word, pdf to jpg etc. and in the reverse too. This is incredibly handy when you have been given a pdf document and your client wants you to convert to word or retype it.

This is just a tiny selection of the vast amount of software I am using. Right now I am investigating video editing software to enable me to edit my videos as I am creating a course but also to use for a client too. There is always a benefit to learning new thing.

I would love to know if you have any recommendations of software too. Share the love…..

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