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What’s in store for 2021?

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What’s in store for 2021?

I hope you and yours had a lovely time at Christmas. I must say it was different to open family gifts on Zoom rather than in person, but it worked and we still had a lovely time seeing each other’s faces when our gifts were opened. Incredible how quick we adapt.

During that odd bit between Christmas and New Year I took the time to relax, do a bit of cooking and went for a few walks in the crisp fresh air. It was rather lovely to be outside in the cold, the wind, the sun and the rain.

My next task before we start the New Year was to look at my marketing planning and see if I can improve on my sporadic posting antics that I have been known for in the last few years (holds head in hands in shame…) lol. I invested in Claire Mitchell’s Awesome Marketing Planner. It’s so tactile, lots of sections and the planning is really in-depth. I’m impressed there is a group on Facebook dedicated to those who have purchased the planner and for each section there is an explanation video too! Simply awesome!!

I have planned out my monthly topics and written a few bullet points for posts too, I am very impressed with myself! I hope you will enjoy the content too.


Have you got a burning desire to achieve something this year? I would be interested to know what that is. Last year was a bit cruddy (more than a bit actually) but I found I was able to work out what it is that LOVE to do and what I just don’t. I created more space for the good stuff by getting rid of others. I ran a couple of Canva courses (#canvalove) and really enjoyed watching my candidates grow with confidence and create such wonderful posts for their social media and workbooks for their courses. Canva is one of my most favourite software’s available and fantastic for business growth. I am working on creating a self-led Canva course with access to Q&A too which wil be available by the end of January.

My intention for this year is Implementation.

Yep, to put into practice all the fab things I learnt in 2020, that will lead to growing my business plus I get to help others grow theirs too! I am feeling very positive about what is coming up this year. How are you feeling about it? Are you just taking it as it comes or facing it full on?

If you are looking for growth in your business this year, why not schedule an appointment with me to see how I can help you? A brainstorming/mastermind session is only £97. You will need to complete and submit a detailed questionnaire ahead of our meeting to help you become focussed on what help you may need, and it will also help me to see what help can benefit you. It could be that you need to work SMARTER but it may be time to outsource the tasks that are not in your Zone of Genius.

Click the link below and book in your session. It could give you the best start to a New Year that you have ever had!

I wish the absolute best for you, your family and your business for 2021 and beyond. If you are struggling, do reach out. If I cannot help you, I may know someone that can.

Much love

Angie xx

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